5 Easy and Effective Ways to Read More Books

Reading is one of the most adventures and thrilling way to pass our spare time. I mean who on this earth don’t like to read? Hey, wait if you don’t like to read then you should not read this article anymore. You should leave this planet right now. But if you are a reader if you know the value and importance of reading then my friend this article is for you, it will surely help you. I will tell you easy and effective ways to read more books.

ways to read more books

You are a reader and you love to read but you are not able to read much due to lack of time or any other reason? So, In this post, I’m going to tell you five easiest tricks to read more books.

Always carry a book

Always carry a book with you and read whenever you get a chance does not matter you are in the metro, bus, taxi or you are standing in a line. Now you are afraid of what people think? People may think you are showing off and all but who cares? It’s you who is reading and they are wasting their time not you. You are utilizing your time because you are reading. So let the people think whatever they want to think because 99 percent people are wasting their time and you are reading because you love to read and you lie in rest one percent

Read whatever you love

As I said always read whatever you love to read and you’ll never get bored. Suppose you like to read Romance but you are reading a thriller because you heard a lot about this thriller book but you are not liking this then my friend you are not reading you are wasting your time. I repeat read whatever you love. Don’t go for other tastes, if you don’t like them. It will kill your desire to read more books.

Give up those books that you don’t enjoy

You brought a book because you heard a lot about it. Many people recommended you to read that book but you are not really enjoying this book. Then don’t read this book it is not always necessary to read a book which is liked by so many people, not you. Everyone has their different taste and you too have your different taste. Whenever you stuck in this kind of situation then stop reading that book as soon as possible and start another one.

Always keep more than five unread books

A reader should always keep lots of unread books. Suppose you have only one book and it’s a thriller but suddenly your mood swings and now you want to romance for some time now what will you do? You have to stop reading because you don’t have any other option any other book I mean to read. That’s why it is necessary to keep lots of unread books. This will increase you eager to read more books.

Set a reading goal to Read more Books

Setting a reading goal is extremely important for a reader. Set a reading goal like anyhow you have to read at least one book every week it means fifty-two books in a year now whenever you will skip reading for a week then you’ll fill a kind of anxiety and then you will try to cover that skipped time and maybe you will read two books in upcoming week. Always set a reading goal and follow it. This will boost your reading ability and will help you to read more and more.

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