How to get rid of Smartphone Addiction Now?

For how many days you can live without your smartphone? Are you suffering from Smartphone addiction?

Two three? In my case, it’s not more than 2-3 days. If you are also suffering from the same case, and want to get rid of smartphone addiction then you are at right place, my friend.

Smartphones took us to a new level of ‘living with technology’ age. It is handy, compact, and full with features. Overall we can say that it is 100 in one. (I’m not here to give you a full lecture on it, so let us back to the main topic that is Smartphone addiction). So, Maybe this is why most of the people nowadays suffer from Smartphone addiction. I will tell you my story first. Not a boring lecture. I can’t even survive more than two days without my smartphone. The most scarring moment for me is when I don’t feel my smartphone in the pocket. I tried many times to get rid of this smartphone addiction. But nothing worked out for me. But yeah, with a lot of experience in fighting with Smartphone addiction, I finally found a few ways that will be best in getting rid of smartphone addiction.

smartphone addiction

Make a Five min/hour rule.

This rule is simple – use your phone for five minutes only in every hour. This will minimize your phone usage. You can calculate yourself. If you follow it properly then you are reaching a new level in fighting your smartphone addiction. You will feel it hard to manage in first few days, but trust me it works 🙂

Customize your notification settings.

The lesser notification you will get, the lesser you will look at your phone. Then automatically you will fell little detached from your phone. I used this method in my case. I just muted the notification for unnecessary apps and it worked. You also need to do the same.

Uninstall unnecessary apps.

You often get notified about news and unnecessary app updates? Don’t keep more than just important apps in your phone. They not only waste your time but also make your phone work slow. Like just Keep few important messaging apps and also customize its notification settings according to your purpose. 🙂

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Switch off your phone at night.

Switch off your eyes, also switch off your phone and then sleep. This might help you in taking a better sleep at night. You will not have to worry about your pending notifications or messages. This will help you a lot in getting rid of smartphone addiction. Like you are spending your time away from using your smartphone and also getting a good sleep.

Install few apps that will keep you away from your phone.

Many apps are available in the market which will help you to reduce your smartphone usage,  try ‘Rescue Time’ and ‘AppDetox’. Both the apps works amazing and will help you a lot in getting rid of smartphone addiction. Many similar apps are also available in apps market, just install them on your phone and focus on your main task- That is living a good life without much using your phone. 🙂

If possible also deactivate your social media profiles for short intervals. That will make your feel little bored using your phone and you will the race of smartphone addiction. All the above-mentioned tips are very effective, just you don’t need to loose your focus. As always, if I missed something important to mention in this post then do let me know. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter for getting more updates in future. Till the fight hard to get rid of your smartphone addiction. 🙂

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