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5 Life Lessons I learned Playing PC Games

Let’s start with a simple question. How many hours of your life did you devote Playing PC Games? Ah, tough one. I know it because even I didn’t remember. I just played, whenever I had time. I gave priority to Games when it came to my academics. For me, completing a tough mission gives more happiness than getting 75% up in a class test. So now coming back to the topic, as I devoted this much time and efforts in Playing PC Games, what it gave in return? First, try to relate these 5 Life Lessons from PC games with your own life.

life lessons from pc games

So here in this post, I will share my 7 life lessons that I learned from Playing PC games. Yeah, it’s true, I learned these by paying PC games. don’t you believe me? Okay then scroll down, you will do.

1. Failure is not the end, it’s the opportunity to learn

It’s very rare case when you cross a difficulty level of a game in the first attempt. Most of the time you have to struggle many times to cross it. With each failure, you learn something, that you don’t repeat in your second chance. Got my words? As I said above keep relating this to your own life, you will love this post more then.  First Life lesson from PC Games 🙂

2. Hours of hard work can definitely Give you success.

Who says Playing PC games is an easy task? It isn’t. Sometimes you have to devote your hours just to cross one level. You have to keep your concentration on screen for hours. And that is what needed that time. Your concentration. You get tried but still, you couldn’t resist yourself from playing that game. But also keep in mind that joy of happiness that you will get after success.

3. Rare things are found in strangest places

Do I need to explain it? Every gamer knows about it.  Also, try to relate to your life. If you want to get something abnormal, first stop being normal. Go on uncovered roads, where other dares to go. And that is the place where you can seek for rare gems.

4.  You need to see problems from Different angles.

Did you play Vice-City? Then you must have remembered that Helicopter mission. Really that was a tough task to cross that mission. And from there I think I learned to see problems from different angles. There come many points in a Game where you find yourself stuck. It feels like it all over. Then you start connecting different dots.  You shout down you PC, do out but still, you kept on thinking about the same game. And finally, you get a clue. I’m telling you, that is one of the best moments of life when you decide something within your brain.

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5. Sometimes it’s not about winning, playing is also enough

You can’t get everything by winning. Happiness also matters. ANd by Playing PC games I learned to seek for Happiness in every game I play. (Don’t get it too deep 😉 ) Having your mind constantly focused on playing can give more strengths to your mind plus it will give you immense happiness. And this is the last Life Lessons from PC Games.

Thank you for going through this post. I did my best to explain whatever Life Lessons I Learned from Playing PC Games. Also If I missed something to mention then do let me know. Share this post with your friends if you liked it.

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