Book Review: Dying To Live

Monisha K Gumber’s ‘Dying to Live’ neglects to live up to my desires. No, it is not a direct result of an idiosyncratic cover. Rather, the textual style and the casual dialect utilized is something that went about as a mood killer for me. ‘Dying to Live’ is a story about Megha. A solid decided young lady who has an unhealthy obsession with turning into the best. She has the best of the two universes she is great in scholastics. Her pros the extracurriculars. Yet at the same time, she sulks and accomplishes something unbelievable. Adolescent years are thought to be the delicate years since that is the point at which one’s identity is shaped. Megha’s solid mindedness causes her defeat the deterrents and that is what really matters to the story.

Dying to live Book

This novel has various outlines, citations, and lessons and a ballad at last. Creator has again attempted to draw in the young ladies as a crowd of people. She has again clarified the issues confronted by adolescent young ladies in this novel simply like the initial segment ‘Tired of being solid’.

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The story rotates around Megha and portrays her background. A chipper, all-rounder, smart, lively and certain young lady who was a star understudy in her class needs to manage issues consecutive and it influences her scholastics and additionally her execution in water, did I disclose to you that she is a state level champion in swimming. She breaks separated and endeavored to end her life yet comes up short. Presently from that point onward, she was sent to her grandma who volunteers to change and shape Megha’s character and make her that certain sportsperson once more. After this scene novel turns out to be somewhat exhausting. The old appeal of the novel gets lost after this scene and as I would like to think, this novel neglects to achieve the desires of perusers which we shape in the wake of perusing its initial segment.

I didn’t exactly like the introduction of the content in the book, for the adolescents are not kids who cherish disorderly and arbitrary content. They incline toward perusing books/novellas that have the components of the plot set and coordinated precisely.The altering of the book is fine and the fine art adds to the substance. In general, the book is worth one shot as you never know how it may astound others.

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  1. Hello Harshit,

    There is this popular axiom ‘Never Judge a Book by its Cover’ but just knowing the title of this book obviously tells you its going to be a great book worth reading.

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