How to make a Better Life in just 1 Month?

We all want to change us. We all want to make a better life. Every time we must think about change, But the problem is that how to find out that what change do you need? Yeah exactly, this is the problem. You will not get any software update that will fully transform your life. Definitely not. You will have to design it yourself. So now coming back to our main question that is ‘How to make a better life in one month?’. First, ask yourself- where are you now. Do you need any change or just want to live as it is?

make a better life

Do note that, I’m not here giving you a motivation class, it’s just an average 500 words post (Also I am very bad at giving motivation). So let’s dig more deeply into it. Here I will give you 4 tips that you can utilize to make a better life. Try them for short term. I am also excited to see its result on myself, as it’s a first-time experiment. 😉

So here we go.

Disappear from the Virtual World

Deactivate your Facebook, don’t make much use of WhatsApp. Only reply to important messages. Only if they are really important. Don’t change your DP or update your status. No Instagram, no counter strike for one month. If you can’t stop yourself from using them, then you are a LOSER.

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Set priorities for a better life

What is more important for you – Pizza or Net connection? sorry for asking such dumb question. I just wanted to let you know about priorities. I already said you, I’m bad at giving motivation. Okay so now, think about your goals, duties, and missions. Decide what is important for you and what’s not.

Now start and Finish

Whatever you have started, don’t give up until you satisfy yourself. Keep looking. Keep searching for new opportunity to grab your goals. Take it as a mission. That you have to complete it at any cost. Make a move, take steps and you will find yourself getting ahead. Do anything, just keep one thing in mind, that whatever you have started, you have to finish it.

Review your work

Now, whatever I have mentioned in above three points – think about them again. Take out the advantage that how will you utilize these steps to make your life better. Also keep in mind that, you have to do it just for a month and woosh, your life will be temporarily better. Think back, examine yourself. Review your work on your own.

Now Just chill and Recharge yourself

You have done your part. Let contribute some time and effort to it. Just don’t get distracted. That’s a matter fo making your life better my friend. You cannot get something so simple. Now in this part, just relax, think and recharge yourself.

Wow, we are at the end of this post. This is my first attempt at writing something this much motivational, so if I did something wrong then excuse me. If you enjoyed this post, then do share it. Speared it. Make it reach more people. 🙂

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