5 Awesome Websites on Internet that not enough People Know

Where you spend your most time on the Internet? Many of you will answer as – Facebook, Quora, YouTube and all. But there are much more awesome websites available on the web that will shock with their functions. So In this post, I will share details about few awesome websites on Internet, about which very few people know. Excited? I bet you will be at the end of this post. So keep on reading it, because these awesome websites will blow your mind with their functions and features.

awesome websites on internet

10 Minute Mail

You might be subscribing to many websites with your email address. But don’t you fear of getting spammed or giving your details to a 3rd party site? So here comes the role of this website. 10-minute mail will provide you a temporary email address for 10 minutes. You can use that mail to subscribe anywhere and you will have to give no details of yours. Isn’t it great? Yeah, I was shocked at first.

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The Faces of Facebook

This website is really awesome. One of the best URLs I ever visited. This website combines all the Facebook profiles on a single page. This is really an Interesting stuff and its name suggest – The faces of Facebook, go ahead and check yourself. You will also be amazed.


Want to drum while typing? Then go for TypeDrummer. This website will let you make your letters beat. This interesting website gives you drumming feeling while typing. go ahead and visit typeDrummer to kill your boredom.

Gravity Points

Again this is one of the awesome websites on Internet yet. Just open the URL of Gravity Points and click anywhere t9o create a mass. Create another mass near it, and the two will attract each other and again will merge to become a single mass. Finding it confusing? No problem, go ahead and check this and do some gravity related fun.


Oh no. Why didn’t I came across this website during doing my Holiday homework? Yes. EassyTyper let you write an essay for you withing no type. Just enter the topic, click enter and wow, your job is done. Now go and try EssayType and complete your essay assignment within seconds.

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So how was it? I know some of you will be amazed, while few of you didn’t even bother to open any of the URL of these awesome websites on Internet. But if you liked it, then do spread this post by sharing it with your friends, or bookmark this post in your browser for future reference.


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