5 Must Have Android Apps for Students

A student’s life isn’t easy at all. They have to keep themselves prepared to learn every time. They have to seek for inspiration in their surroundings. Is it easy? Nah, not at all. Nowadays the most common thing between all the students is their phone. Almost everyone has it. But there comes the challenge, excess use of a smartphone can waste your time and focused use of it can improve your ability, perform better. Smartphone applications can do amazing tasks for you. Which you can’t even think to do in that must quick time. So in this post, I will share information about 5 must have Android apps for students. Almost all of them are freely available on Playstore.

must have android apps for students

Tiny Scanner – Mobile Scanner

Many times in our life we miss to write notes during or class and it many takes the time to copy the same notes from your friends notebooks. Here Tiny Scanner might help you. All you need is to just capture the pictures of that notes page, and in next set brightness of you comfort level. Name your scanned document and then save it in your device. Done. You saved your time again with the help of an android app.

Google Drive

A student has to keep a lot of important PDFs and video lectures with them and there is always the chance of data loss. Google Drive can help you there. Just simply save all your data in it and you can access them anytime and anywhere. Also, there are no chances of data loss. It will be saved with Google Drive. Again its one of the best Android apps for students.

My Study life: Schedule Planner

What is the nest most common thing between all students? A Schedule. They all carry a personal schedule for themselves that help them in doing time management. My Study Life can help you in creating your schedules easily and by following that you can easily do your time management. By the word – Time Management I always remember one Quote by Steve Jobs.

Your Time is very Limited, so dont’ waste it in Living someone Else’s life.


This is one of the best android apps I have ever seen. PhotoMath helps you to do simple/complicated maths problems in one go. Simply scan the maths problem within the app and within second the answer will be in front of you.  This app is available for free on Google Play store.


My favorite app. I always prefer Quora as the best website for students. Every student should start using Quora. It is the place where you can get satisfy your inner curiosity, read answers from like-minded people. Quora motivated me a lot, whenever I read any success story there I feel like – yes I can also do that.

So there were the 5 best Android apps for students which you must download on your phone. I know, I may have missed few important apps, if you want to suggest few more then do let me know. And if you liked this post, then do share it with your friends.


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