5 Revolutionary Apple Products That Changed the World

Apple is most promising, successful and popular among all the multinational companies because, Steve Jobs- Inspiration for millions. One of the most creative people existed on this planet and entire mastermind behind the multinational company Apple. For Its revolutionary gadgets (That we call Revolutionary Apple products)  which are not only most upgraded gadgets they also considered as the sign of luxury in Asian countries mostly. There are many Apple Revolutionary Products that affected our life very much.  And in this post, i will share few of them.

revolutionary apple products

Today in this article I’m going to talk about five Apple products that changed the world.


iPhone has made a change in the world and no one can deny this fact. Before I phone, there was no such kind of touch screen device was introduced. Suddenly Apple iPhone became the revolution in mobile phone industry. When iPhone was launched it was the first and only revolutionary device in the word which had features like Internet service, A calling phone, media service (this feature was the main reason behind the rapid decrease in sales of iPod from the market). Soon iPhone has become backbone product for the Apple. And it is their bestselling product right now.


It was the only device at its time which was capable of holding thousands of songs in a pocket-friendly device. Size and shape of the iPod were the most attractive part of it. It was the trustworthy music player for a generation. It’s hardware and software design were the secret behind its popularity and iTunes made it easy for everyone to put music on the iPod. Now iPod is almost out from the market due to the massive success of iPhone.


IPad was launched in the year 2010. The whole point of iPad invention was to set a balance between iPhone and iMac. This fact is really hard to digest but it is true that President Obama used to run his empire from iPad. But after few years iPad has faced huge competition from less expensive tablet companies. But No other tablet company had any answer for some special features of iPad like -It makes a great cash register for hipsters, It moonlights as a robot. And it is the reason why iPad remained king of all tablets in the world market.

PowerBook G4

It was apple’s first portable computer which was launched in 2001 after the return of Steve Jobs as the CEO of the Apple. Steve Jobs had huge pressure to give the boost in sales of Apple product and PowerBook G4 was his first masterstroke after his return. Again it’s newly introduced features like titanium body, built in wi-fi, light weight, and A DVD slot. Other rival companies like IBM had no answers for Apple PowerBook G4 and again Apple ruled in the world of the Portable computer.

Apple TV

Apple is always a big thread for other companies and whenever apple enters in a new market they serve promising products for their customers. Same happened with apple TV. Recently Apple TV (upgraded version) was launched by Tim Cook at Apple headquarters and it has some extraordinary features like- Entire digital photo collection at fingertips, Podcasts, and YouTube whenever you want it, it has Massive movie library that can be played instantly, just a few clicks. No doubt Apple has presented world’s best TV and again No doubt Apple is going to change the market of TV too in upcoming years.

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