5 Reasons to Love Or Hate Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat was in this list of my favorite authors. Yes, ‘He was’ because there were many reasons for it. First, ‘Five Point Someone’ was my first novel I read and that day I came across the most precious section of my school Library – Fiction Novels. Second, that time I was dumb, (that why I hate Chetan Bhagat Now) I mean, I was just in 7th standard and I had almost no knowledge about out syllabus books (Excluding kids’ magazine). So now, every time I see my Book collection and turn my gaze towards ‘Chetan Bhagat novels’ I actually curse myself for reading them. Not all of them but few. The third is his self-Branding in front of Indian readers.

love or hate Chetan Bhagat books

So I dig up my mind and thought of writing this post. Why actually readers love Chetan Bhagat’s writing this much? So I will share few of thoughts in this post. Let’s dig more into it let find out why to hate Chetan Bhagat or why to Love him.

Chetan Bhagat tells the Story which everyone loves to read.

This is common. We all love to read only those stories which we love. Is it actually? Well, it’s with me. Take an example of ‘3 Mistakes of my Life’ (Chetan Bhagat’s best in my view) it is the story of Cricket, business, and friendship. Yeah, love also. So this story contains everything that Indian readers love. It begins with a whole happy concept and ends with little guilt and happiness. That actually made it a great read (for those who love him ).

His writing style is suitable for everyone.

And of course, Chetan Bhagat’s writing style is really catchy. Maybe that is the reason behind his success because he tells only crap stories. His books are very easy to read. And in his readers count there are large numbers of teenagers. You may have heard of this quote ‘If you succeed in getting 1000 genuine readers for your book, then it will become a bestseller just by their recommendations only’. In Chetan Bhagat’s case, he has this number in lacks. Those who love his writing style and (Worse) stories and they love to flaunt his work with their friends.

He doesn’t use his Brain while writing, but he uses it a lot in Marketing.

Last year during Diwali time, I noticed ‘One Indian Girl’ ads on UC Browser and sponsored posts on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and all. He was using every way of marketing his book from social media to all other online/offline channels. Chetan Bhagat has already one big part as his author brand and by adding his marketing tactics he turned himself into a book selling machine. “You saw a book cover, notices a name ‘CHETAN BHAGAT’ and then buy that book. “ I also noticed one thing during his book launch time, many big celebrities were sharing pictures with his Book and they all have giant followers count. That will surely help him a lot in making One Indian Girl bestseller. That’s surely why I hate Chetan Bhagat.

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Movies based on His Books.

3 idiots is based on Chetan Bhagat’s Five point someone and one of my favorite Bollywood Movie. It is also one Blockbuster hit of Amir Khan. Similarly is 2 states and Kai Poo Che (Based on 3 mistakes of my life). So Chetan Bhagat is not only getting good readers, he is also getting good viewers numbers.
His upcoming movie from his Production house (Yes, his production house) Half Girlfriend is again based on his book. So in this way we can conclude that he is not actually writing the only book, he is making them very closer to Movie scripts. That’s definitely one reason to hate Chetan Bhagat.

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